Best Practice: Community Car Wash!

First of all, I will start out this post by saying I am sorry for the long absence. This is my first post since early November! I had some business and personal issues to address and I simply could not do it all. I tried to be wise in prioritizing the right areas and as […]

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Would Your Community Miss You?

We recently hired some new employees in the sales department. As part of their orientation, I spent a couple of hours talking with them about the history and philosophy of our business. Of course, I went into detail about our Mission Statement, Core Values, and Vision Statement. In doing so, I tried to give them […]

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Prayer: Voicemail Or Live Call?

I have a confession to make. I am not good at prayer. I am not someone who is consistent with long, meaningful prayer time on a daily basis. Sure there are times when I pray more than others, but more often I struggle with doing it at all. While this may surprise you, I am […]

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Anger Without Madness?

If you have not been full of anger to the point of expressing it in a way that you later regret, then it is likely you have not been in the business world very long. If you are a business veteran and have never overreacted in anger, then you are to be admired. For the […]

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Overcoming Career Challenges

[The following is a guest post, written by Jasen Lawrence. Jasen is President of City Wide Maintenance of Washington. He shares about his experience in overcoming career challenges through his faith in God.] Even the most talented, hardworking, and well-meaning people encounter career challenges. Whether it be a demotion, dismissal, or confrontation with a colleague […]

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Is Your Plate Too Full Or Too Small?

You have most likely heard the expression (and probably used it many times), “My plate is too full!” Maybe you used the “full plate” as an excuse to say no to someone recruiting leadership for your industry’s state association. Maybe it was something else. Either way, I think your perspective is off. Not More Tasks! […]

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Why Are We Surprised At Trials?

Not too long ago, friends of mine went through an intense personal experience that completely shocked them. They were not expecting to ever have to deal with this particular issue, but there it was staring them in the face. As we talked about the issue and the possible outcomes, none very pretty, I thought about […]

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The Success Edge – Marketplace Christian Podcast!

In place of a post today, I am sharing a link (below) to my first Marketplace Christian podcast. Actually, I am just a guest on Tyler McCart’s podcast! Tyler has a website called The Success Edge where he uses interviews of people from all walks of life that also happen to be Christians in the […]

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Comfort or Conform – Which Is God’s Focus?

Even though I have been a Christian since I was 10 years old, I am still learning some lessons that amaze me. You would think that after more than 30 years of learning about God and His purposes for us, I would have a better grasp on this Christian life. Unfortunately, that is not how […]

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Are You Afraid Of Loss?

Recently I wrote a post in which (tongue in cheek) I called myself a practical atheist and challenged readers to ask themselves some tough questions. Good or bad, that post generated more controversial comments and discussion than any other I have published. In an effort to clarify my intent, and hopefully clear my name, I […]

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