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5 Tough Questions You Need To Answer

Every once in a while, I like to mix things up a little. Today’s post is one of those times. Rather than writing a post that tells you my thoughts and gives you my opinions, I am going to ask you a series of tough questions and let you come to your own conclusions. My […]

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Entitlement – Whose Problem Is It?

You give and give and give. You do your best to say, “Yes” to any reasonable request from them. Then one day, you have to say, “No.” That’s when things go south quickly. While it may sound like I am describing my experience as the parent of teenagers, I am actually talking about entitlement among […]

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Have You Set Your Eternal Goals?

I am sure your first thought is to ask why I am talking about goals when we are so far past the first of the year! Isn’t that a topic for January? Haven’t most people given up on their goals for the year already? You may also be asking what I mean by eternal goals. […]

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Is Your Life Like Your Closet?

I recently had to clean out my closet at home. After ten years without doing it, the accumulation of stuff and clothes that no longer fit had finally gotten out of hand. I finally recognized the need and set aside the time to clean it. In the process, I was reminded of a truth about […]

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4 Little Known Qualities Of Godly Leaders

Anywhere you look these days, you can find a book (or a dozen) on leadership. Everyone feels they know what it takes to be a leader. I am not going to pretend that I have some secret sauce or silver bullet on what it takes to be a great leader. If you are looking for […]

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Your Job Does Not Matter!

Wait a minute. Do I really believe that what you do does not matter? Is it really my opinion that your job is irrelevant? I don’t even know what you do, so how could I say that? Well, I guess you will have to hear me out to decide whether you agree or not! Stuck […]

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Do Not Ask WWJD!

Charles Sheldon’s book, In His Steps, introduced Christians to a powerful question more than 100 years ago. Since then, Christians have been asking “WWJD?” (What Would Jesus Do?) when faced with difficult choices or deciding what action to take. I am a huge fan of that book and it is on my recommended reading list. […]

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Prayer: Voicemail Or Live Call?

I have a confession to make. I am not good at prayer. I am not someone who is consistent with long, meaningful prayer time on a daily basis. Sure there are times when I pray more than others, but more often I struggle with doing it at all. While this may surprise you, I am […]

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Is Your Plate Too Full Or Too Small?

You have most likely heard the expression (and probably used it many times), “My plate is too full!” Maybe you used the “full plate” as an excuse to say no to someone recruiting leadership for your industry’s state association. Maybe it was something else. Either way, I think your perspective is off. Not More Tasks! […]

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Why Are We Surprised At Trials?

Not too long ago, friends of mine went through an intense personal experience that completely shocked them. They were not expecting to ever have to deal with this particular issue, but there it was staring them in the face. As we talked about the issue and the possible outcomes, none very pretty, I thought about […]

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