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7 Reasons Your Goals Are Short Sighted

I do not argue that the timing of talking in March about setting goals is a little off. Anyone that sets annual goals likely did so in December. By now, they have either made great progress toward them or have given up on them altogether. Hopefully you are in the first group. Either way, very […]

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Have You Set Your Eternal Goals?

I am sure your first thought is to ask why I am talking about goals when we are so far past the first of the year! Isn’t that a topic for January? Haven’t most people given up on their goals for the year already? You may also be asking what I mean by eternal goals. […]

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What I Learned From My Reader Survey

Last month, I completed my very first Reader Survey. I have been writing this blog for 3.5 years now and I am ready to take it up a level. In order to do this, I felt it was critical to get your feedback about what you like best, what could improve, and any other ideas […]

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What Does Your Reflection Look Like?

I sat in a meeting at church recently and was asked to look back at those people in my life that have impacted me in some significant way. The speaker was challenging us to appreciate those who have poured into our lives and to pour into the lives of others. These are great ideas, but […]

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Obedience Can Be Bad For You!

When my children were not yet adolescents, I struggled to teach them about our fourth quality of godly leaders. Before you think I am some super-dad that started them that young on this kind of teaching, think again. I wish I was that good! Sure, I was trying to teach them about radical, immediate obedience, […]

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What Superman And Godly Leaders Have In Common

When I think about the third quality of godly leaders, the image of Christopher Reeve as Clark Kent (in the 1978 movie, Superman) comes to my mind. If you saw the movie, you will probably follow my line of thinking. See if my thinking makes sense to you. Qualities Of Godly Leaders In my last […]

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4 Little Known Qualities Of Godly Leaders, Part 2

The Bible says that the Lord “spoke with Moses face to face, just as a man speaks with his friend” (Exodus 33:11). Wow…if we could all attain that sort of relationship with God, I believe we could be the godly leaders we want to be. The problem is that this kind of relationship is not […]

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Anger Without Madness?

If you have not been full of anger to the point of expressing it in a way that you later regret, then it is likely you have not been in the business world very long. If you are a business veteran and have never overreacted in anger, then you are to be admired. For the […]

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The Success Edge – Marketplace Christian Podcast!

In place of a post today, I am sharing a link (below) to my first Marketplace Christian podcast. Actually, I am just a guest on Tyler McCart’s podcast! Tyler has a website called The Success Edge where he uses interviews of people from all walks of life that also happen to be Christians in the […]

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Why Should You Stand Out?

We probably all know someone that dresses in a way to stand out from the crowd. Whether it is a wacky looking tie or a dress that is so bright it looks like it runs on batteries, we have all seen examples of people wearing clothes that stand out. Why do you think they do […]

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