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Are You Getting The Right Return?

What is the purpose of business? If you ask a dozen people this question, you will likely get some common answers. Some will say it is to make money. Others might say it is to provide products and/or services at a profit. Those most educated in business theory may come back with something like this […]

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One Choice You Need To Make Every Day

I don’t need to tell you that you will have to make choices every day that determine your effectiveness and success in whatever your endeavor. You already know this. What you might find interesting is how Paul framed a choice that he faced on a regular basis. Paul’s Choice If you will read the first […]

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Are You In The People Business?

I don’t know about you, but I am in the people business. In fact, I will bet that you are, too. I personally think that with very few exceptions, we are all in the people business. By that, I mean that our success rises and falls according to the quality of people we have working […]

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What Do You Do With The Interruption?

Business is busy. That may seem obvious, but for anyone in a leadership position in business, it can be a big problem. We are always working on something. Some projects require very little focus from us. Others require our complete attention. That is usually when the interruption comes, right? Forms Of Interruption For me, this […]

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5 Tough Questions You Need To Answer

Every once in a while, I like to mix things up a little. Today’s post is one of those times. Rather than writing a post that tells you my thoughts and gives you my opinions, I am going to ask you a series of tough questions and let you come to your own conclusions. My […]

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7 Reasons Your Goals Are Short Sighted

I do not argue that the timing of talking in March about setting goals is a little off. Anyone that sets annual goals likely did so in December. By now, they have either made great progress toward them or have given up on them altogether. Hopefully you are in the first group. Either way, very […]

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Have You Set Your Eternal Goals?

I am sure your first thought is to ask why I am talking about goals when we are so far past the first of the year! Isn’t that a topic for January? Haven’t most people given up on their goals for the year already? You may also be asking what I mean by eternal goals. […]

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What I Learned From My Reader Survey

Last month, I completed my very first Reader Survey. I have been writing this blog for 3.5 years now and I am ready to take it up a level. In order to do this, I felt it was critical to get your feedback about what you like best, what could improve, and any other ideas […]

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What Does Your Reflection Look Like?

I sat in a meeting at church recently and was asked to look back at those people in my life that have impacted me in some significant way. The speaker was challenging us to appreciate those who have poured into our lives and to pour into the lives of others. These are great ideas, but […]

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Obedience Can Be Bad For You!

When my children were not yet adolescents, I struggled to teach them about our fourth quality of godly leaders. Before you think I am some super-dad that started them that young on this kind of teaching, think again. I wish I was that good! Sure, I was trying to teach them about radical, immediate obedience, […]

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